Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

Ok..let's go!

Der Himmel ist blau
und der Rest deines Lebens liegt vor dir
Vielleicht wäre es schlau
dich ein letztes Mal umzusehen
Du weißt nicht genau warum
aber irgendwie packt dich die Neugier
Der Himmel ist blau
Und der Rest deines Lebens wird schön

Du hast ein gutes Gefühl
Du denkst an all die schönen Zeiten
Es ist fast zuviel
Jetzt im Moment
neben dir zu stehen
Du hast kein klares Ziel
aber Millionen Möglichkeiten

Ein gutes Gefühl
und du weisst es wird gut
für dich ausgehen

Der Himmel ist blau
Der Himmel ist blau

Die Welt gehört dir
Was wirst du mit ihr machen
Verrate es mir
Spürst du wie die Zeit verrinnt

Jetzt stehst du hier
und du hörst nicht auf zu lachen
Die Welt gehört dir
und der Rest deines Lebens beginnt

Der Himmel ist blau
So blau
So blau....

Die Ärzte - Himmelblau

Yeah, I know, it's not an English song. But I love it a lot. I was listening to it today when I went home from work and I thought: "Yeah, it's true, you have no real goal but a few thousand possibilities so you can do whatever you want. Your whole life is in front of you and it's gonna be good." - Don't ask me where I got this feeling or why. This day wasn't any special and I got some aches in my tummy because I have to spend my weekend in Denmark with Jasmin, without Falko and far away from home. Wow, I never thought I could like home that much. I just hope it will be better afterwards. No EHEC for me, please.

My picture of the day..uhm, I have to look for it.

This is Uschi, the friendly locomotive. I used to spend my evenings with her when I was a teenager as this playground is located near my dancing school and me and my friends used to hang around there to drink, smoke and have a nice time on Saturday evenings, when our parents thought we were only dancing. That was a nice time.. sigh.
So, I'm heading of to Denmark to produce some maps of stones for my geology studies. I will be going there on Thursday morning and come back on Saturday evening. On Sunday there will be the big car boot sale downtown so I won't be able to sleep long though. A long weekend without weekend. Hurray. I don't want to go :( I'd love to stay at home and visit the university or go working on Friday. It really sucks.

Well, enough of that already. Gotta go play Hide and Seek with my rats or better eat something before I die starving.
Don't be worried, world, I'm existing, but in another space (and time - I do believe time is running slower in Denmark than in Germany! quite sure!). See you later.

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