Montag, 9. Mai 2011

Rats, rats, rats

I just read older posts from this blog and learned that I wanted to write about my rats obviously. I'll do it in a jiffy.

So, my rats are 6 months old now and they are still fighting who could be the chief. I'm thinking about starting a Bachblüten therapy with Johnny at the moment as he seems to be the aggressive one of the four. They love running around me in the evening and I still constructed no fences made of wood although I think about it for almost 4 months now. I need my money for other things though. Rumo is the bravest one of the four. He is the one who tries to discover anything new as the first one and he is the one who loves to climb on my shoulder. He's followed by Sam who is people-oriented and is the one who is happy when I enter the room. He loves to climb up my leg until he reaches my shoulder and then just sit there and look around. I think he will be cuddly when he's older. Furthermore he is the one who feeds the most. After they're back in their cage, it's him who sits there for like hours and eats until I go to sleep. Most of the times he seems to stop it and go to sleep then as well.
Johnny is very afraid of people. He always yells when I take him and he tries to escape when I come to close. Sometimes he climbs on my shoulder as well but only if there are other rats near him.
Max doesn't really know what to think of me yet. Sometimes he likes to be near but he likes his freedom as well. Let's see where all of this goes.
I would say I love Rumo the most but that is not fair. I love all 4 of them with their own characters and it was a good decision to have pets although on some days I'd like not to have to care about them. But when they come to me to snuggle with me, I forget these days and just be happy.

Yeah, but now I'm going to bed to make Sam sleep. Bye.

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