Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

It's been a while once again..

I think I'm way too lazy to be a good blogger.
I'm so sorry for letting this blog rot - I shouldn't do that.

So, what's new and fresh over here? Let's see.
Johnny, Sam and Max got used to the fact that Rumo won't come back. They still act strangely when they're outside their cage but I guess that's because the toys still smell like him. I wanted to throw them away, they're made of old cardboards anyway, but I haven't found the strength for that. And I'm not quite sure if my sweethearts won't be bored without them. So, ya, I don't know. At the moment I don't even get inside the runout with them because Sam has fallen into his old habit again: he plays nice and then attacks one when you're trying to cuddle with him. It's kind of annoying and scares me.
As it is summertime again, I don't really have the patience to sit down with them for like an hour. The sun makes me like very active or something. I feel like a kangaroo which bounces all of the time and still doesn't get sleepy. It's a strange feeling.

On the private (I almost wrote pirate, lol) section, I've almost finished my Bachelor thesis, there are only a few pages left to write, then it has to be corrected and then I can deliever it and then I'm going to be without work until autumn. That will be a very strange feeling I guess. Well, let's see. I plan on doing a lot of traveling then. I want to buy an interail ticket and go through the East of Europe by train til I reach Greece. And a friend and me wanted to go to Ireland for a week or so to look for leprechauns. I also had the idea of doing some work & travel stuff in Australia. Aaand I desperately want to visit the USA again. So, we`ll see which of these many plans will be realized this or next year and which have to wait for a later time. I still don't know what I want to do after my graduation. It's Business Administration or Cultural Heritage Preservation or something really different. I don't know, still figuring...

Yeah, so here's an older pic, but it's describing today: