Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

So, I got one reader :)

Hello Monika, nice to know you're still reading *winks*
So I guess I have to keep up writing this countdown thing so you're able to learn more about me and to make me remember this year - which I don't, only in some flashes.

day 10: 4 happy events
being at roleplay conventions
waking up with the feeling to know what to do next year

day 11: 4 capitals of people who were especially important to you during 2011

day 12: 4 things you'd like to repeat

I don't know - I wish I would, but I'm not certain of anything right now

day 13: 4 things you're missing

the feeling of knowing someone for like ages
the warm summer nights (which weren't really existing this year tho)
tea with my flat - mate and Jasmin in the kitchen
kind of warmth in my relationships with anyone

day 14: 4 things you like about the winter

the darkness can be kind of comfortable and I like some snow - but not that rainy, stupid shit which is out there most of the time this year

day 15: 4 feelings you mostly had 2011

by reading this blog, I think the most powerful feeling has been loneliness although i'm not really that lonely - and fear

day 16: 4 partys you remember

one year flat - share community with Jane, Christine`s birthday, Falko's birthday and my own birthday of course

day 17: 4 facts

I'm pretty grown - up during this year
I love Falko, I think I'd like to stay with him forever
Therapy hasn't been so bad as I thought before
I'm gonna study Business Administration for real

day 18: 4 things you're happy about 2012

the world finally collapses?
I'll start a new field of study
I'm going to go to Wacken again
Soil sciences will finally be over - in one way or another!

day 19: 4 shitty tests
Haven't had none this year, I assume

day 20: 4 good tests

well, soil sciences went pretty great - I don't remember much of the other tests, but as I've passed them all, they'd be great..

day 21: 4 pictures which say something about 2011

day 22: 4 favorite clothes to wear 2011

ah, I don't know, some warm and dry ones would be alright here

day 23: 4 acts about summer

summer? where? no, actually it was very rainy, very cold but weather was okay the weekends i spent outside..

day 24: A wish which is really important to you

 I want to stay healthy in 2012!

day 25: 4 favorite words

suit up
day 26: 4 facts about christmas 2011

it was a happy christmas
there were no fights
i even wasn't that annoyed by my brother
presents were rare but nice

day 27: 4 pieces of jewellery

 i don't have any - so?

day 28: 4 things you couldn't live without

Ipod, Books, Pen&Paper

day 29: 4 things reminding you of New Year's Eve 2010/2011

lots to eat
sing along with songs i don't even know

day 30: 4 words to describe 2011

very long

day 31: 4 intentions for 2012

I want to find a job
I want to be brave - tell people "No" when I don't wanna do something and talk about my problems with the people causing them
I'd like to stay healthy
I'll fight like a lioness for my relationship with Falko because it's the third year and he said relationships tend to break in the third year!

Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

Freitag, 9. Dezember 2011


Hello again..
so, I just realized I had made a promise and I broke it again. Damn me.

Well, I spent two nice days on a cruise to Norway and back and I felt really relaxed on that ship - just to feel more stressed and worn out now that I'm back. I'm so fucked up - I can't stop hating my neighbor, I can't stop fearing the workload I have to do this semester and I just can't help myself from feeling lonely when realizing that Falko meets other people and will spend 4 days on a goddamn LAN Party to play computer games and do silly stuff.

Well, it's the 9th of December, so there are 9 things to write about (this "countdown stuff")..

day 01: 4 songs which remind you of 2011

Knorkator - Alter Mann
Edguy - Trinidad
Die Happy - Sleeping time
Blind Guardian - The Bard's Song

day 02: 4 people you got to know this year
Yvonne, Braunsäckchen, Vivi, Jakob

day 03: 4 special events
taking part in role-play convention, winning a trip to Oslo, dancing with Falko on the "Uniball" and my first time in the Gothic Night at Ela

day 04: 4 sad moments

uh oh, I think there were more as 4 this year, at least when I read my blog, it seems like that - uhm, but I can't name special ones.. maybe being a bit lonely on role-play convention without Falko was one very sad moment..

day 05: 4 places you spent most of your time in 2011

Falko's apartment, university, at home, in the park

day 06: 4 things, you'd wish to undo

inviting Jasmin to join the pen & paper group
visiting "Kiel's longest Night"
go on excursions with Jasmin
..I don't know..

day 07: 4 wishes for Christmas

I'd like to stay healthy and happy. Apart of that, everything related to True Blood :D

day 08: 4 things you're currently happy about

My room looks a lot more than my home now.
My boys are cute and healthy.
Falko loves me.
I have the best flat - mate anyone can ever have.

day 09: 4 things you're currently angry about

Jasmin - basically, her.
Soil sciences - because I spend a lot more time trying to figure it out and learn it then I should be.
Putin - it's not a democracy if nobody is able to say what one thinks without being arrested.
Christmas - because it is stressful!