Freitag, 9. Dezember 2011


Hello again..
so, I just realized I had made a promise and I broke it again. Damn me.

Well, I spent two nice days on a cruise to Norway and back and I felt really relaxed on that ship - just to feel more stressed and worn out now that I'm back. I'm so fucked up - I can't stop hating my neighbor, I can't stop fearing the workload I have to do this semester and I just can't help myself from feeling lonely when realizing that Falko meets other people and will spend 4 days on a goddamn LAN Party to play computer games and do silly stuff.

Well, it's the 9th of December, so there are 9 things to write about (this "countdown stuff")..

day 01: 4 songs which remind you of 2011

Knorkator - Alter Mann
Edguy - Trinidad
Die Happy - Sleeping time
Blind Guardian - The Bard's Song

day 02: 4 people you got to know this year
Yvonne, Braunsäckchen, Vivi, Jakob

day 03: 4 special events
taking part in role-play convention, winning a trip to Oslo, dancing with Falko on the "Uniball" and my first time in the Gothic Night at Ela

day 04: 4 sad moments

uh oh, I think there were more as 4 this year, at least when I read my blog, it seems like that - uhm, but I can't name special ones.. maybe being a bit lonely on role-play convention without Falko was one very sad moment..

day 05: 4 places you spent most of your time in 2011

Falko's apartment, university, at home, in the park

day 06: 4 things, you'd wish to undo

inviting Jasmin to join the pen & paper group
visiting "Kiel's longest Night"
go on excursions with Jasmin
..I don't know..

day 07: 4 wishes for Christmas

I'd like to stay healthy and happy. Apart of that, everything related to True Blood :D

day 08: 4 things you're currently happy about

My room looks a lot more than my home now.
My boys are cute and healthy.
Falko loves me.
I have the best flat - mate anyone can ever have.

day 09: 4 things you're currently angry about

Jasmin - basically, her.
Soil sciences - because I spend a lot more time trying to figure it out and learn it then I should be.
Putin - it's not a democracy if nobody is able to say what one thinks without being arrested.
Christmas - because it is stressful!

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