Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011


Just wanted to say, I got a twitter account now, so you can follow me on!/stoefff now, if you like to. It's mostly about True Blood because I learned that twitter is a great way to learn new stuff about Eric Northman and all that. But I can use my mobile phone for updating so I will do that while Wacken Open Air eventually.

Oh, I baked fantastic corn bread yesterday. Never knew I could but it tasted as great as my memories from 10 years ago told me about it. It's so damn good when it's still warm and fresh. If anyone is interested, I can post the recipe here for sure - oh, as nobody comments this stuff here either, I think I will do it on Saturday or so.

Did I already mention I fell in love with Eric Northman yet? I think I haven't so far, so you know it now. I feel like a little teenager, just silently screaming when I see his face anywhere and I got a wallpaper collection of him, so I see him pretty often - it's hilarious. I'm 23 goddamn years old, feeling like 14. I still love you, Falko, don't be scared! I won't leave you because of a soap bubble. Eric Northman is just a character from a TV series and he's not even real - but sexy. It's like this saying: "To quicken the appetite outside is okay, but you have to eat at home." and that's just what I do.

Enough of this bullshit - I'm pretty tired but I had to share these thoughts before I go to sleep and dream of Eric and me instead of Sookie and.. oh, sorry.

Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

They say I'm a dreamer.. well, I'm not the only one..

I'm still alive and breathing.

I joined twitter two days ago but things don't work out there for me. First of all, my account was suspended and now I can't follow people because they are automatically unfollowed. It's a bug or something and I did report it to the support crew but now I have to wait until they can help me. Twitter is pretty interesting and time consuming as these mini games on Facebook are. Oh, no, I don't have a Facebook account and I don't want to have one, thanks Mr. Zuckerberg. Maybe I'll join Google+ because Google already knows a lot about me.

Yesterday I've been to the exhibition of butterflies in the botanical garden. It's very nice as they fly around freely in one of the halls and sit down on your shoulder, head or leg. Jane wore a brown trouser so one of the butterflies thought she's a tree.. look:
Yes, he's indeed a pretty big one but there were bigger ones. I want to get there again with my more professional cam to take some more pictures, but here are some others:

Beautiful, ain't they? The last butterfly even seems to look at me.

Yeah, what's new besides? Rumo is getting more and more aggressive and I have to stop him from destroying everything. I'm not quite sure but it seems like he's bored with the others and tries to make the best out of it. I certainly have to care of him more often. Maybe playing with these cat toy they have makes him more confident. I think he's gone sleeping now after running around through my room for like 30 min or something. Weirdo.

I met Jasmin yesterday when we started going to this exhibition and I left without telling anything. I feel a little bad but on the other hand she was the one who didn't support me throughout this clash in the students council.

So, today is a little bit like summer and next week will be Wacken Open Air time, so I hope the weather stays for a while. Keep your finger's crossed for me, world. Thanks.

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Sun burnt and a little bit sad

I did it.
I passed the oral exam in soil sciences and I even got an A-, which is a 1.3 in German ranking system.
I'm so glad it's behind me and the next test is about 6 months away! Yeah.

This weekend, Falko and me went camping. It was a very sunny, very nice trip as yesterday was one of this real summer days which are sparely existing here. I had no sun blocker with me as I didn't believe there'd be any sunshine at all so now I'm totally burnt on my shoulders, arms and feet. I have no cream against it so it's gonna be another hard night before I get sleep.

There were some teenagers on the camp site as well which kept on talking and drinking all night long so I didn't sleep well last night. Today I got a headache and I'm in a bad mood.

I chatted with Falko, sitting down by the fire, which could've been very romantic and stuff but he told me that he doesn't believe in everlasting love anymore and that relationships for him aren't meant to exist forever which depresses me a lot as I hoped to be his future wife and to become an old couple with him. Well, at least he's becoming 30 next year and I'm not even 24, so maybe I'm a dreamer because I'm so young and he lost his dreams because he's so old and was hurt so many times. I just hope I don't have to leave his life so soon.

Well, you know what? It's Sunday again so it's not very unusual for me to be in such a mood. I think Sundays are the worst days in the week as I'm home alone and won't see him for almost an entire week and usually, the week begins on the next day and so weekend time is over. Now that I got holidays, Monday is the same as Sunday only that the shopping centers are opened. But I still hate it. Too much free time isn't good for me either, ya know. I guess I shouldn't be a student anymore but work, so I wouldn't have so much free time and would be more happy about a few weeks of holidays. Aw, I'm weird.

I don't want to show any picture right now. Maybe later. I wanna do something against my sunburn.

Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

The house of the rising sun

Today was quite nice.
I learned with (my friend) Jasmin for our exam tomorrow morning and we both were pretty good remembering things we were told in the lessons.
Afterwards we had a nice long talk about pretty much everything but our friendship which ended a while ago because of.. I don't know. Maybe because of time or maybe because I'm feeling stressed most of the time. I took some Bach flowers for not feeling stressed anymore - maybe that worked that well I was able to talk to her like nothing ever happened, I don't know.

So, tomorrow there will be my oral exam in soil science and I'm a wreck right now. I should go to bed but I'm that nervous that I'll probably lie there and stare at my ceiling thinking about every question he could ask over and over again until my alarm-clock tells me to raise up, eat and go to the exam. Wow, I haven't been that afraid when I did my graduation which really meant something - this time I could even repeat the test twice.
Sometimes I hate my choice for studies. I'd better stayed at Philosophy instead of geological sciences. Would have been easier and more interesting. But no - Steffi thought in logical terms for once and what happens? She sucks at it. Great, thank you life.

This weekend, Falko and me planed to go camping but the weather doesn't want us to. There's gonna be rain on the weekend so camping would not be much fun. But as there are summer holidays right now, every other possibility like hotels or renting a caravan isn't possible as there are tourists everywhere around. Good for Schleswig - Holstein, bad for us. Well, we decided to see what the weather forecast tells us tomorrow and then we'll see what we can do.

On Friday I'll be in Hamburg at the archaeological museum. I need two more days of field trips to finish my graduation, so that will be one of it. The other one - well, maybe our boss can make that for me. I'll go there asking next week or so. I must write a job application to her anyway. And I need to find a topic for my thesis to start writing it. So many things to do and too less time for everything.
Life's a circle.

Oh, picture for today.. hm.

'cause I feel like this cow, starring at the world with a feeling of "Fuck off, I'm doing it my way!"

Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

Wow, already into July

it's already July and I haven't written a posting here yet so I guess it's time for that now.
I'm into learning right now as I have my exams next week. On Monday there will be a test in law and on Thursday it'll be an oral test in soil science. I'm pretty scared of this soil science thing as I just passed the last written exam in it with a 3.7 which isn't very good as 4 is the last mark with which you can pass through it. I even got a headache thinking about it right now.

A good thing about having these tests next week is that I can go camping with Falko on the next weekend as my semester break starts right after the oral test. I will have 3 entire weeks to just hang around - sounds great, doesn't it? I'm not quite sure if it is though. We'll see.

I'm pretty worried about my boyfriend at the moment. He's gone to this Jugger tournament I wrote about earlier about 250km away from Kiel in Oldenburg. He went there this morning at 5 A.M. and I still haven't heard any sign of life from him. Recently send him a SMS but he hasn't answered. I just hope everything is ok - well, yeah, I'm a little bit angry as well as he could at least send a SMS on my mobile phone that he arrived well - that only takes a few minutes and only costs 20 cents which I should be worth.

Oh, I'm still waiting for the summer to come. The last days where hot and full of thunderstorms in exchange. Not really fun. It's goddamn July, it should be hot and sunny and very nice.

My neighbor has sex at the moment and I can everything. She doesn't even try to shut the fuck up, I'm pretty sure. It's like: "Look at me! I got a boyfriend who likes to sleep with me! Hey, I'm here, helloooo!" - well, at least, that's not what she yells but it would be typical. She annoyed me about her boyfriend having so much money and being so great and so on in the last few days. I wish I wouldn't have moved into this flat. I wish I hadn't been her only friend for some months. I just wished everything would be different.
Well, I'm listening music with my headphones now, but I guess I won't be able to sleep that way so keep your finger's crossed they finish in the next few minutes.

I'm not in the mood for pictures, sorry. Have a nice Sunday!