Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

The house of the rising sun

Today was quite nice.
I learned with (my friend) Jasmin for our exam tomorrow morning and we both were pretty good remembering things we were told in the lessons.
Afterwards we had a nice long talk about pretty much everything but our friendship which ended a while ago because of.. I don't know. Maybe because of time or maybe because I'm feeling stressed most of the time. I took some Bach flowers for not feeling stressed anymore - maybe that worked that well I was able to talk to her like nothing ever happened, I don't know.

So, tomorrow there will be my oral exam in soil science and I'm a wreck right now. I should go to bed but I'm that nervous that I'll probably lie there and stare at my ceiling thinking about every question he could ask over and over again until my alarm-clock tells me to raise up, eat and go to the exam. Wow, I haven't been that afraid when I did my graduation which really meant something - this time I could even repeat the test twice.
Sometimes I hate my choice for studies. I'd better stayed at Philosophy instead of geological sciences. Would have been easier and more interesting. But no - Steffi thought in logical terms for once and what happens? She sucks at it. Great, thank you life.

This weekend, Falko and me planed to go camping but the weather doesn't want us to. There's gonna be rain on the weekend so camping would not be much fun. But as there are summer holidays right now, every other possibility like hotels or renting a caravan isn't possible as there are tourists everywhere around. Good for Schleswig - Holstein, bad for us. Well, we decided to see what the weather forecast tells us tomorrow and then we'll see what we can do.

On Friday I'll be in Hamburg at the archaeological museum. I need two more days of field trips to finish my graduation, so that will be one of it. The other one - well, maybe our boss can make that for me. I'll go there asking next week or so. I must write a job application to her anyway. And I need to find a topic for my thesis to start writing it. So many things to do and too less time for everything.
Life's a circle.

Oh, picture for today.. hm.

'cause I feel like this cow, starring at the world with a feeling of "Fuck off, I'm doing it my way!"

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