Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011


Just wanted to say, I got a twitter account now, so you can follow me on!/stoefff now, if you like to. It's mostly about True Blood because I learned that twitter is a great way to learn new stuff about Eric Northman and all that. But I can use my mobile phone for updating so I will do that while Wacken Open Air eventually.

Oh, I baked fantastic corn bread yesterday. Never knew I could but it tasted as great as my memories from 10 years ago told me about it. It's so damn good when it's still warm and fresh. If anyone is interested, I can post the recipe here for sure - oh, as nobody comments this stuff here either, I think I will do it on Saturday or so.

Did I already mention I fell in love with Eric Northman yet? I think I haven't so far, so you know it now. I feel like a little teenager, just silently screaming when I see his face anywhere and I got a wallpaper collection of him, so I see him pretty often - it's hilarious. I'm 23 goddamn years old, feeling like 14. I still love you, Falko, don't be scared! I won't leave you because of a soap bubble. Eric Northman is just a character from a TV series and he's not even real - but sexy. It's like this saying: "To quicken the appetite outside is okay, but you have to eat at home." and that's just what I do.

Enough of this bullshit - I'm pretty tired but I had to share these thoughts before I go to sleep and dream of Eric and me instead of Sookie and.. oh, sorry.

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