Sonntag, 7. August 2011

Hello again!

So, I'm back from Wacken Open Air now.
Bands were just great and I had a really good time. I shared a tent with Falko which was great as it felt like we were living together and we had really good meals cooked on a camping stove. Every morning there was fresh bread with scrambled eggs and tofu nuggets and every evening there was another hot meal as well. It's unusual but really cool to live like that.
I loved Apocalyptica and Blind Guardian although I never thought to like those two. Avantasia were lame, but I don't like Power Metal so it's not really astonishing. Next year, I will be back, Wacken!
This will be Falko and mine third Wacken then. It's the magical 3 years frontier we'll be crossing.

My rats don't want to come out of their cage today. They had to stay in there for an entire week as I haven't been at home and Jane didn't let them out so they are like shy or confused or I don't know. I tried to attract them with treats but they caught them and ran into the cage again. I'm a little bit afraid that they lost their trust in me or don't know who I am - but maybe they are just miffed that I left them all alone.
I have no important task so I can wait for them to see reason.

Tomorrow I'll start working again for 4 weeks. I'd better have another day off to chill out after Wacken Open Air as I had to clean my clothes and to clear the car out today. But I had told my boss that I could come back on the 8th of August so I have to live with it. It'll be awesome when week has started but right now, I don't want to go anywhere tomorrow morning.

Well, I'm going to peg out washing - the third washing machine and the last one for today.

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