Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

Feeling so sorry

This posting is especially for my pen pals:


I don't know why but my life feels pretty stressful at the moment so I don't find the time and concentration to write letters. Even postcards are hard work to do.
Work and rats and free time and Falko and all this keeps me running around like in a hamster wheel or something. Even at night, I can't really think about myself as thoughts are going round and round.
Only two weeks left, than work is over and I will have more time than I want. But then - latest! - I will write everyone back who's waiting for me to respond.

So, I'm good by the way. Pretty tired and I'd like to have a weekend now as last weekend I've been on a Live Action Role Play Convention and didn't sleep that well and the weekend before I was on this tournament and the weekend before that I've been to Wacken Open Air - it's time for me to rest - I hope this weekend will be alright with that. It's just tomorrow night, there's the Night of the Museums until like 2 o'clock or something but Saturday will be a "stay in bed" - day. Wonderfully wonderful.

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