Dienstag, 13. September 2011

The tooth of wisdom.. or else

Today, there were 3 wisdom tooth extracted out of my mouth.
I'm made out of pain. My mouth hurts so badly, I feel like I can't even talk properly.

It all started on Thursday, when my wisdom tooth in the lower left tooth row began to hurt. At first, I thought everything would be alright on Friday morning, but it wasn't. I've hardly slept and went to the doctor in the early morning. He told me that it was badly infected and I'm taking some antibiotics since then. And today was the "great day" of getting rid of that shitty tooth. I decided to get the last 3 I have extracted so I can be done with that. It was such a fucking bad feeling when he worked in my mouth and since the numbness is over, my mouth just hurts. I know that it is only temporary and stuff, but I'd like to eat a real dinner which is a thing I haven't done since last Wednesday.
And I'm so afraid of injections now as I almost blacked out at the doctors when he gave me this anesthesia, although it was only a local one. Hopefully, I'll never have to get a real injection to black out and get operated.

My thoughts are with you, Kate!

Oh, and did I already mention it's fall? There's the storm, the rain, the everything - and it's too goddamn cold outside for September..

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