Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2011

It's been a while...

Hello again,

so, my tooth got infected after extracting it as well and it hurt for like 2 weeks or so after the extraction - I think I've never have been crying so much than back then. My only food were painkiller and water because everything else hurt so badly. I've gone rid of 4kg of weight - but don't worry, they're already back as I enjoy life much more since then. You only know what you have when you don't have it anymore, right?

So, my birthday celebration was very, very nice. I've only invited a few friends to have a little sit together and be able to talk to everyone and all my friends liked each other which was one of my biggest worries. Seems like I've finally chosen my perfect group of people who like me. I'm very proud of them and I'm so happy that I'm allowed to love them.

My rats were very sweet during the celebration. They sat at the doors of their cage and looked at my guests and snuffled for the smells of them. Everyone was like: "Wow, how sweet they are!!!" and of course I had to stop them from inserting their fingers through the doors because my rats try to bite than.
Rumo still has this strange wheeze sometimes but the doctor wasn't able to find anything which could cause something like that. He's so sprightly and cheeky though that I'm not really worried about him mostly. Sam makes me worry because he seems to be a little bit more tired than he should be from time to time. Maybe it's just the warmth during summer and now the fall.

Trees are so colorful over here. I love this time of the year and all these different colors nature shows to us. Well, at least, sun is shining at the moment so that's why I can say I love autumn. I think I will be depressed during winter time again. That's not that good at all as I don't want to go back into therapy. Hopefully, I won't need to - keep your fingers crossed for me!

Oh, picture, yeah..

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