Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Sun burnt and a little bit sad

I did it.
I passed the oral exam in soil sciences and I even got an A-, which is a 1.3 in German ranking system.
I'm so glad it's behind me and the next test is about 6 months away! Yeah.

This weekend, Falko and me went camping. It was a very sunny, very nice trip as yesterday was one of this real summer days which are sparely existing here. I had no sun blocker with me as I didn't believe there'd be any sunshine at all so now I'm totally burnt on my shoulders, arms and feet. I have no cream against it so it's gonna be another hard night before I get sleep.

There were some teenagers on the camp site as well which kept on talking and drinking all night long so I didn't sleep well last night. Today I got a headache and I'm in a bad mood.

I chatted with Falko, sitting down by the fire, which could've been very romantic and stuff but he told me that he doesn't believe in everlasting love anymore and that relationships for him aren't meant to exist forever which depresses me a lot as I hoped to be his future wife and to become an old couple with him. Well, at least he's becoming 30 next year and I'm not even 24, so maybe I'm a dreamer because I'm so young and he lost his dreams because he's so old and was hurt so many times. I just hope I don't have to leave his life so soon.

Well, you know what? It's Sunday again so it's not very unusual for me to be in such a mood. I think Sundays are the worst days in the week as I'm home alone and won't see him for almost an entire week and usually, the week begins on the next day and so weekend time is over. Now that I got holidays, Monday is the same as Sunday only that the shopping centers are opened. But I still hate it. Too much free time isn't good for me either, ya know. I guess I shouldn't be a student anymore but work, so I wouldn't have so much free time and would be more happy about a few weeks of holidays. Aw, I'm weird.

I don't want to show any picture right now. Maybe later. I wanna do something against my sunburn.

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