Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

Wow, already into July

it's already July and I haven't written a posting here yet so I guess it's time for that now.
I'm into learning right now as I have my exams next week. On Monday there will be a test in law and on Thursday it'll be an oral test in soil science. I'm pretty scared of this soil science thing as I just passed the last written exam in it with a 3.7 which isn't very good as 4 is the last mark with which you can pass through it. I even got a headache thinking about it right now.

A good thing about having these tests next week is that I can go camping with Falko on the next weekend as my semester break starts right after the oral test. I will have 3 entire weeks to just hang around - sounds great, doesn't it? I'm not quite sure if it is though. We'll see.

I'm pretty worried about my boyfriend at the moment. He's gone to this Jugger tournament I wrote about earlier about 250km away from Kiel in Oldenburg. He went there this morning at 5 A.M. and I still haven't heard any sign of life from him. Recently send him a SMS but he hasn't answered. I just hope everything is ok - well, yeah, I'm a little bit angry as well as he could at least send a SMS on my mobile phone that he arrived well - that only takes a few minutes and only costs 20 cents which I should be worth.

Oh, I'm still waiting for the summer to come. The last days where hot and full of thunderstorms in exchange. Not really fun. It's goddamn July, it should be hot and sunny and very nice.

My neighbor has sex at the moment and I can everything. She doesn't even try to shut the fuck up, I'm pretty sure. It's like: "Look at me! I got a boyfriend who likes to sleep with me! Hey, I'm here, helloooo!" - well, at least, that's not what she yells but it would be typical. She annoyed me about her boyfriend having so much money and being so great and so on in the last few days. I wish I wouldn't have moved into this flat. I wish I hadn't been her only friend for some months. I just wished everything would be different.
Well, I'm listening music with my headphones now, but I guess I won't be able to sleep that way so keep your finger's crossed they finish in the next few minutes.

I'm not in the mood for pictures, sorry. Have a nice Sunday!

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