Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

You're a man...aren't you?

Finally, my Johnny is altered. He's alive and well, being curious and cheeky like a rat is but he doesn't like to be in that 40x60cm cage which even fits on my writing desk! How can people seriously think about keeping animals in such cages? I mean, there must be people who do that as they wouldn't be for sale otherwise. It's so sad to see Johnny in a cage he can hardly turn around in. He got food, a house and a hammock in there which are the main things he shall have. But I can't wait to keep him with his friends in the wardrobe again.

We have to repay a lot for electricity. It's a huge amount which doesn't ruin us completely but close to it. If we have an additional payment for our heating installation as well our flat - share cash box will be empty and out of order for a few months.
It's too bad we have these boilers in kitchen and bathroom and a dishwasher as well. And the municipal utility of Kiel is just so expansive because people are too lazy to change their supplier of electric energy.

Wow, the rats are fighting without Johnny though. Maybe they have to fight out who's gonna be the next boss. I just hope Johnny won't be a victim without his balls now.

Oh, I need a picture of the day.. let's see..

I'm going write an answer letter for my pen pal in England now. Trying to keep an eye on the boys meanwhile. They are crazy - or close to it.

Have a nice evening, world wide web!

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