Montag, 6. Juni 2011

Back in black to protect the world

I'm back - okay, I already arrived here on Saturday but I had to sleep and play with my rats and go on a car boot sale and spend some time with my parents - stuff as usual although I have been gone for only 3 days.

It was pretty nice in Denmark. I thought it to be horrible as it was Geology but the weather was just that great, we even could run around in T - Shirts on the beach and most of the time it was just sitting down on the beach and listen to what the profs told us. Only the last day had a bad task for us, but luckily me and Jasmin had some help by Anna which does Geology as here first choose and everything was alright.

I miss Falko. Everything was okay in Denmark as I had enough stuff to do to not think about me being lonely or him being far away, on the other side of the Northern Sea. And Sunday was okay as well, although it was strange to be on that car boot sale without him. But yesterday he wrote an E - Mail to tell me he is still alive and fine and now I'm becoming more sad from hour to hour. I read that mail over and over again and was pretty happy he still loves me and thinks about me as he told, but it's so goddamn cold without him here - in a metaphorical sense.

Well, today there was a thunderstorm here and I had a terrible headache before it started. Now that I have slept a few hours and the thunderstorm was here, everything's better but I'm not tired anymore which is not that good as I have lessons tomorrow and I have to work as well - well, I have to write letters to Lauren in England and Kate in the USA, but I can't find any motivation as I wrote the report for Denmark for the last few hours. Sorry, Kate and Lauren (although you're not reading this..).

So, here's one of the pictures I have taken in Denmark, there are more coming up soon.

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