Samstag, 18. Juni 2011

Into things I don't care about.

Hi there,

"I could care less" it's just the main topic of this weekend.
My friend or not friend anymore Jasmin who were with me on this medieval market last week wanted me to ask a friend if she could make her a medieval hood with a Liripipe as well. I asked this friend and now I have to discuss what kind of material it should be made of and how much money Jasmin will give her. I don't fucking care. I already have such a piece of art and I'm not Jasmin's mother, so she should be old enough to figure those things out for herself. It's just like the fact she asked me when the medieval market in Schleswig will be instead of using her brain and google. I had to ask Google also, so why can't she?
Oh, and she's meeting a guy she got to know via internet and fell in love with only by hearing his voice. He's 23 and wants to have children already. Which ordinary guy wants to have a family with 23?
I propose she will be married in 2 weeks as she meets him next week. Gonna be great. I don't think I want to know him. Her last boyfriend was such an asshole. Phew.

So, I had some course of the Archaeology of Maya this weekend which was very interesting and now I'm going to visit my boyfriend in a few minutes. Life is getting back to normal, I guess.

Oh, my day of the pic.. or vice versa.

I would love to do what the swans on this picture are doing as world would let me rest then.
Goodbye for now.

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