Montag, 27. Juni 2011

I wanna do bad things with you!

Heyya, world outside.

I'm still alive and at least somehow happy.
This weekend I've spend some time with Falko, but not that much as he was on a Jugger trip and I've been on a medieval con which was very nice. I enjoyed playing around with some Poi (without fire, I'm not THAT crazy) and just had a nice time.
Yesterday was the display of fireworks downtown as the Kiel Week finally came to an end but I wasn't interesting in watching but better visited Falko instead. We watched two episodes of Warehouse 13 which is our new series I guess - bye bye Navy CIS. And then went to sleep. I liked awaking this morning, him being my first sight when the alarm bell rings. That's a feeling I could get used to - oh, into dreaming again.

Well, I just organized the first episode of the 4th season of True Blood and can't wait for Jane coming home so we can watch it together. She's at the training and I don't know when she'll be coming back but it feels unfair to watch it without her, I just tried.

I bought beautiful new headphones today. They are pink! and white, which are unusual colors for me but okay when it comes to headphones I guess. And I finally threw away my old bag for a new one. It's black and there are flowers on it and it has a lot of pockets. It's pretty cool but I haven't a picture of both of these things yet so maybe later.

So, that's my little update for now - just wanted to tell I'm alive before anyone gets scared.
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Let's rock!

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