Montag, 21. März 2011

Nothing remains.

We've done it. We have been down to the "Räucherei" to listen to Irish folk music. And it was quite nice. Yeah, most of the time, me and Falko are spending on his couch, watching movies or eating or just doing nothing. But this weekend we went to a concert which was awesome as it was different.
Oh yeah and on Friday I've been to the "Pumpe" and visited a punk show. That was awesome too as I talked to old friends and had a blast.
It was not that good for my cold though. Sunday I thought I'd have to die because of headache and even fresh air didn't really help. Paracetamol did a good job there recently.

I guess writing in English has won. I got two pen pals now, one in Missouri, USA and one in England so I´m writing English letters most of the time and still wishing to be able to talk English all the time as I like that language. Well, maybe I should consider studying in England or the USA for my master's degree. I'll think about it.
Oh, I tried to find out what to study with my bachelor degree but people at German universities aren't that willing to help. At 3 universities people weren't even answering the phone and the university in Jena just gave me a link to their M.A. studies available. These web pages don't tell me if the B.Sc. in archaeology is a natural science or a culture study or what. So the only thing I'm sure about is that I don't want to go on studying prehistoric and historic archaeology - and for the other things I have to go on searching and asking and phoning. How totally not awesome.

And spring isn't there yet. The sun didn't come out today and it was cold. I'm starting to hate this new weather and this climate changing thing.

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